The Audio Visual Room has state of the art equipment, complete with multimedia kits and AV CDs for audio visual teaching. This room is large enough to accommodate combined classes for presentations and workshops.


The Physics lab is equipped with all necessary experimental gadgets, well maintained to ensure accuracy of results during experiments. Students are encouraged to improvise and conduct simple experiments on their own, relating to physical phenomena in everyday life.


The work tables in the Chemistry lab have individual reagent racks and enclosures so as to allow each student to work independently. Modern equipment is provided and replaced regularly as required to ensure safety and clarity in their task.


The Biology Lab is well stocked with models and specimens. High precision microscopes aid in concept attainment and make the learning process enjoyable.


There are two large computer labs with the most modern machines where the students from class I to XII have ample opportunity to work on project assignments and prepare presentations using the internet.


The school has provided each classroom with smart class facilities which make the teaching-learning process a pleasant experience for both teachers as well as students. The school provides modules in all subjects from LKG to Class XII which helps the children in understanding the subject more. The school also provides classes to children of the primary section where they solve different problems of mathematics on computer. The students are provided with a unique I. D. This helps them to access the same from home online if they are unable to attend school. The teacher coordinator assesses everyone’s performance through his/her computer. It is a more practice-oriented aid for the students so that they can get rid of their phobia in mathematics by improving in the subject.


This room is used for vernacular classes with mixed sections of students.


The spacious and airy school library provides an atmosphere conducive to study. The library reading room is quiet and comfortable, and houses a large number of fictions, biographics, non-fictions, children’s’ book, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, educational CDs, etc. Apart from the daily newspapers, the library also subscribe to various magazines that students find useful.


A well-equipped infirmary, under the supervision of an experienced nurse, is available to students who might feel unwell in school. In case of an emergency, attempts are made to contact a qualified doctor for immediate attention. All students undergo free health check-up and eye screening once a year by specialists and the medical profile of each student is maintained. The eye screening programme is conducted by specialists from the M.P Birla Eye Clinic, Kolkata.

Students Safety Insurance Coverage

The school provides free accidental insurance coverage to all the children of the school anywhere in India, for 24 hours a day. An Accidental Insurance policy has been taken from the National Insurance Co. Ltd., Kolkata.


Students may bring lunch or buy wholesome food from the school canteen at subsidized rates.

The school, as desired by its founder, takes care to ensure a balanced growth of the students’ mind and body. The goal of this institution is not only to promote education by encouraging academic excellence and development of skills, but also to groom students in understanding Indian Civilization and its values. The aim is to foster strict discipline moulded on the lines of Indian Heritage. Compassionate governance with constant search for excellence has brought the school to where it stands today.

M. P. Birla Foundation H. S. School becomes the first school in India to be awarded Occupation Health & Safety Management (OHSAS) ISO 45001:2018 Certified Institute in the country in the year 2019. School is committed to maintain all standards of ISO regarding Occupational Health & Safety.