Our Aim

Education is a conscious activity of human beings. It seeks to mould children into well adjusted perfect individuals as worthy members of society. Education does not mean only the acquisition of a quantum of knowledge. It also adds to the quality of ‘life’ and ‘personality’. We worry about what a child will be tomorrow; yet we forget that he or she is someone today. The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives, says Robert Maynard Hutchins. The purpose of teaching is to bring more and more out of an individual than to put more and more into him. In every subject the child must have a joy of discovery, of creative activity. Weak learners often falter in asserting their knowledge, or in expressing their knowledge, even when the knowledge inside them is clear and well formed because they are tongue – tied. The so called bright students do not suffer from this defect. Hence M.P Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School is an Institution that :

  • Aims at academic excellence
  • That believes in imparting knowledge – confidence, not mere knowledge or mere confidence
  • Where pupils are appreciated and understood and teachers valued
  • Where a close contact with pupil's home is maintained , that gives the pupil the opportunity to live a fuller life
  • Where a classroom atmosphere conducive to good teacher – pupil rapport is cultivated – one that actually makes it difficult for pupils to upset orderly procedures
  • That aims at developing the learner's learning ability – from relative imperfection to optimum perfection within the limits of the individual learner's potentiality

- The Management M.P. Birla Foundation H.S. School